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Calculux is a software tool which can help lighting designers select and evaluate lighting systems.
You can use the software to simulate real lighting situations and analyse different lighting installations until you find the solutions which suits your technical as well as your financial and aesthetic requirements best.

Calculux uses luminaires from an extensive Philips database and photometric data which is stored in the Philips Phillum external formats. Additionally other luminaire data formats can be imported (CIBSE/TM14, IES, EULUMDAT and LTLI).

Simple menus, logical dialogue boxes and a step by step approach help you to find the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for your lighting applications.

What you can do with Calculux Area:

* Perform lighting calculations on rectangular calculation areas in any plane;

* Calculate a wide range of quality figures for your lighting design;

* Select luminaires from an extensive Philips database or from specially formatted files for luminaires from other suppliers;

* Specify luminaire positioning and orientation either individually or in a block, polar, line, point or free arrangement;

* Specify maintenance factors, calculation grids and calculation types;

* Compile reports displaying results in text and graphical formats;

* Predict financial implications including energy, investment, lamp and maintenance costs for different luminaire arrangements;

* Use Switching modes and Light regulation factors;

* Support multiple languages;

* Print reports in several languages.

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